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Instructor Dash / Profile Updates

Pupil Leads Pages improved and now easier to use and clearer

The layout and design of the Pupil Leads section of the Instructor Dashboard has been improved as part of the ongoing improvements to the ADI Dash. The LPL team have been working around the clock on behalf of the members for the last five years. This update to LPL is just the latest in a long line of improvements that have been made in consultation with the ADI members. The Pupil Leads page is now clean and clear with a list of your pupils, showing their details including a picture where available. Your contact with the pupil through calls is easier to see as the incoming and outgoing calls are grouped within the individual pupil box. The old layout was not without its merits, however, and it is still available to see. There is a link in the Pupil Leads page to the 'Pupil Leads List' page which shows your complete history of pupil leads. Lead reporting is still done the same way as before using the Pupil Leads List, you'll see the link on the right hand side (if using a desktop sized screen) or towards the bottom of the page (if using a mobile device).

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