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Driving Lessons in Greater Manchester

Driving lessons in Greater Manchester are very popular as it is the UK’s second largest populated area with over 2.5 million people. There is though a tendency for young people and students to live in the centre of Manchester, this and the excellent public transport links mean that the need to learn to drive can feel less pressing at 17 than for those living in more rural areas.

It is not uncommon for those taking driving lessons here to be 25-35+ years old. That being said Manchester has a lot of satellite towns and villages and residents here benefit greatly from having a car even with the excellent train network (the world’s first railway station was in Manchester).

Manchester is famous for being an independent, self aware and confident city. Hopefully this is true of your driving once you pass your test and are on the road. Also true of the city is its high ethnic diversity, with over 34% of the population non-white. This leads to an open fun and dynamic culture, rich in food, colour and inspiration. Low Price Lessons mirrors this social diversity in the driving lessons and driving instructors available to learn with. Explore some of the options for driving lessons in Manchester by choosing your area below.