When is best to test?

What is the best day to take the driving test?

Driving Lessons Tip to help make your driving lessons easier. This is an updated article, original Driving Lessons Tips: What is the best day to take the driving test?. What is the best day to take your driving test? The weekend? The start of the week? Which day should you take your driving test to give yourself the best chance …

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Driving Lessons Packages

Driving Lesson Packages – The Secrets

Driving Lesson Packages – The Secrets. Driving lesson packages are a great way to save money on your lessons and if organised properly can help you pass your test faster. In just a few short minutes you will learn the different types of packages, why they are cheaper than normal lessons, how to organise them in the way most likely to result in …

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Safety Margins Made Simple

Safety Margins & Stopping Distances Are Fricken Important! Knowing the right safety margin and stopping distance will help you pass your driving test and could one day save your life. By the time you read this post it may have saved many people’s lives. How? Because the following two minutes of humorous pictures and important information may save you from being crushed by a huge lorry.  The good news …

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Only 1 in 20 of the UK’s youngest disabled drivers are female.

Fifteen year old males are 870% more likely to apply for a provisional driving licence at the age of 15 and 1962% more likely to have a full licence than females by 16. Less than 1 in 20 of the 16 year disabled people with a driving licence are female but stats show that at 17 year old females want to …

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10 Simple Lessons to Pass Your Driving Test Stress Free.

No matter our age we all perform at our best when we are calm, focused and can envisage success. Knowing the quick lessons below will give you the best shot at passing smoothly and stress free. Read this as many times as it takes to settle into your mind and consider sharing it with anybody you feel would benefit – …

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Gifts for learner drivers

Gifts for New and Learner Drivers

Great gift ideas for Drivers including New and Learner Drivers Some gift ideas for people who drive. Lessons are a good idea – most driving instructors offer refresher lessons, motorway courses and pass plus or you might know someone who needs trailer or parking tuition. There are loads of other gift ideas too so here are a few suggestions to give …

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