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Best Driving Instructor – How to Choose

Driving Lessons: How to Choose the Best Driving Instructor

What does the ‘best driving instructor’ mean, how to find them and how to choose the right one. Each section has a TLDR.

Before you even take your first driving lesson you want to know, ‘how to choose the best Instructor for me?’ If you are smart, then you will pick the instructor who you can communicate well with and that gets you through your test with the fewest number of lessons at the best possible price per lesson. This article is for you have not yet booked lessons. Or if you’re changing your instructor and want to know what to look for when choosing the best driving instructor based on your objectives, your budget and your personality.

Driving Instructor with quality, price and personality


The ‘best’ driving instructor will depend on three things,

  • Quality- the best driving instructor can get you to test quickly, with fewer driving lessons and also prepare you well for life on the road.
  • Price – the best driving instructor knows that the syllabus is the same therefore driving lessons themselves have become commoditised and comparable so consider price and take advantage of deals.
  • Personality - the best driving instructor for you communicates in a way you understand. We all learn faster when we can communicate on our own level.

TLDR: Price may be your chief concern but its not the whole picture.

Driving Lessons Quality

How do I tell the quality of a driving instructor?

Best Driving Instructor: Driving Lesson Quality

The quality of your driving lessons will depend on these 3 main categories;

  • Instructor skills – Does the instructor offer various types of lesson courses such as defensive driving, intensive courses, pass plus and refresher lessons?
  • Driving lessons car – Does the instructor provide tuition in a safe and modern car? Does it have features like air-con / parking assist  or sat nav?
  • Extra services – Does your instructor keep a record of your progress? Do they offer you or your parents driving lesson reports? Do you get dashboard cam recordings of your lessons?

These are all things which you can compare on LPL’s driving lesson search. Many LPL instructors have tonnes of reviews from past pupils, those are real reviews, from people in your local area – you might even know them. These should give you a great indication of the instructor’s quality as judged by people who have paid for their services.

Like Karate Lessons

Those instructors who aim to coach you in safe driving for life go over and above the efforts of those who only aim to get you to test standard. Think of it like learning a karate. Would you want the black belt so you can wear it to parties or would you prefer to know all the skills that come with it?

TLDR: The best driving instructor goes the extra mile with lesson reports, provides tuition in a modern car and is offers highly skilled courses.

Best Driving Instructor: Driving Lesson Price

Price Of Driving Lessons
When looking for a good price ask yourself, is there a discount for multiple hours booked? Is it cheaper to book a big package at the start as a new driver and get the discount or would you prefer to get an introductory deal and make your savings at the start but pay more per hour later when you want further lessons? Consider these factors and consider using LPL as we have a lowest price guarantee.

It is important to note that few to zero driving instructors ‘rake in the cash’. They all have costs to pay and although here at LPL we love our job of getting you the best possible price with the best possible instructor – we know the costs of providing a driving lesson.

Driving Lessons Cost

Every ADI, in particular the best driving instructor knows, the technical aspects of any driving lesson are much the same when demonstrated from one instructor to the next. The price charged is primarily determined by the instructor’s fixed costs such as; the price of their car, wear and tear, the price of fuel in your area, their insurance for them and you along with all the normal costs of running a business. Added to this will be the distance they travel to pick you up and to their next pupil.

Great Deal On Driving Lessons

All that being said getting a low price is important. You don’t want to pay more than someone else learning with the same instructor! You do want to get the best possible price regardless of who is teaching you and you want their best service. You don’t work for your money only to pay over the odds for an instructor charging more than someone twice as nice at half the price.

Shake On It Deals On Lessons

Get the instructor to guarantee you their lowest price. With LPL this is done automatically. If you are organising your lessons out-with the LPL free call back service then you will have to negotiate the best deal or perhaps be asked to choose a package that later you might feel didn’t represent the best value for the style in which you want to learn. If you are organising lessons through a national driving school’s call centre then you will not be able to negotiate and all package deals will be the same, regardless of what quality of instructor you are assigned.

TLDR Either use LPL to guarantee you are offered the lowest price or negotiate on the phone with your instructor for their best deal.

Best Driving Instructor: Personality

Personality for Driving Lessons

The best driving instructor for you will be the one who you can communicate well with. This is first apparent in their online profile description. Do they seem like the type of personality that you appreciate? Do you clearly understand the tone and meaning of their description on first reading? If you find yourself reading more of one instructor’s profile than another this is a good sign.

Communication for Driving Lesson

We all learn at the fastest pace when we are able to understand instruction. Learning the most difficult manoeuvres is simple if you and your instructor ‘click’ If you can explain the parts of the process you don’t understand then the best driving instructor will hear you, be able to identify what you don’t see that they do and explain this to you calmly and clearly. From your driving instructors profile you will be able to tell if they explain things the way you do when talking to your friends and family.

Laughing on Driving Lessons

If the instructor mentions things specifically like; ‘sense of humour’, ‘light-hearted’, ‘always pleasant’ or ‘quick to smile’ then you know they will always be calm and patient no matter your mistake or learning pace, they will guide you and push you at a level you feel comfortable at. This might sound like the best driving instructor to you. Or you might prefer an instructor who mentions words like; ‘fast progress’, ‘intense lessons’, ‘no-nonsense’ and ‘motivating’ as they will drive you on, point out mistakes quickly and keep you focused on the finishing line.

Driving Lessons Reviews

On LPL you will of course have reviews from past pupils to help you choose the best driving instructor. These reviews are only possible from real pupils who have logged in and verified their account with Facebook. Have a read of those left for your local instructors and see if the happy learner drivers seem similar to you.

TLDR: The best driving instructor for you explains concepts to you in a way you explain things to your friends and family.

AA Driving School, BSM, Red Driving School

Though we have a lot of love for the big three driving school brands this article is for those who are yet to buy any lessons and want to choose who teaches them.  If you have opted to buy lessons through one of the driving school call centres such as the one AA Driving School and BSM use or the one Red Driving School use, then you will most likely only speak to your driving instructor having already paid for a package of lessons. In this scenario your choice of instructor is limited but you don’t like the instructor you are assigned to you can always call the helpline and ask them to change.

TLDR: If you are already with a large driving school and want to change your instructor you will have to call the help line and ask to change.

Driving lesson prices can vary from country to country and even city by city but LPL will give you the best deal on your driving lessons in any area and tell you everything you need to know about each instructor making it easy to choose which offer you like the most.
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