This white and gold driving school is really popular among fans of the colour white and fans of the colour gold. For some reason it is also popular amongst fans of blue and black, but don't ask us why.

White and Gold Car

White and Gold Car

This white and gold car appears blue and black to less than 1% of people!

Can you tell what colour this white and gold car is?

Apparently less than 1% of people see it as blue and black!

Despite it clearly being white and gold a very small percentage of the population actually see these colours completely differently. These same people can also be found supporting Inter Millan and mistakenly calling them the ‘Azzurri’.

The actual Inter Strip as seen by most people.

It’s hard to believe that some people actually think this is a blue and black strip. But apparently they do. Anyway, this is the strip all us normal folk are used to seeing.

You might be thinking this post might seems unrelated to driving lessons and you would be right.

Inter Strip in Blue and Black

This is a computer generated representation using science to show you how a tiny minority of people see the Inter strip – a ridiculous blue and black.

But isn’t it totally AMAZING?

YES, we think so and so should you. Confounded by this mystery we spoke to Dr Nick to find out why some people get it completely wrong. His answer was very long and hard to recall but suffice to say it has something to do with ice cream cones and presumably other genres of desert also.

Dr Nick

Hallllloooo Everybody! Dr. Nick, our resident expert, tells us that it’s all about the stuff in your head bit of your body.

Tell us what colour car you see in the comments for a chance to win the whole car*! :) Also remember to…

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‘White and Gold Driving School’ are fictitious product of our imagination and any resemblance they might have to a particular dress are purely coincidental.

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P.S. This is not a real car, its just a picture of a car. If you win we could send you an email with the picture of the car attached if you really want…

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