How to get a free call back from a driving instructor

Get a Free Call Back from a local driving instructor

Get a Free Call Back from a Local Driving Instructor: How To This is a quick fire guide on how to get a free call back from a local driving instructor. Do you want a quality driving instructor who will give you the best possible driving lessons? Do you want to pay the lowest price they charge? Do you want one …

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Best Driving Instructor

Best Driving Instructor – How to Choose

Driving Lessons: How to Choose the Best Driving Instructor What does the ‘best driving instructor’ mean, how to find them and how to choose the right one. Each section has a TLDR. Before you even take your first driving lesson you want to know, ‘how to choose the best Instructor for me?’ If you are smart, then you will pick the …

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The UK Driving Test Walkthrough

The Driving Test Walkthrough, Chapter 1

The Driving Test Walkthrough Pass your driving test first time with the official Driving Test Walkthrough from Low Price Lessons. From the Show Me Tell Me section to the Emergency Stop including what you need to take with you, what to expect on the day and everything you could want to know about the eyesight test, we will walk you …

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This white and gold driving school is really popular among fans of the colour white and fans of the colour gold. For some reason it is also popular amongst fans of blue and black, but don't ask us why.

White and Gold Car

White and Gold Car This white and gold car appears blue and black to less than 1% of people! Can you tell what colour this white and gold car is? Apparently less than 1% of people see it as blue and black! Despite it clearly being white and gold a very small percentage of the population actually see these colours completely differently. …

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Sun rise on self driving cars

Self-Driving Cars – Reading or Partying?

Take your eyes off the road, remove your hands from the 10 to 2 position, stop checking your mirrors and forget how to parallel park – self driving cars are on the way! Do they have the features you want? A Carnegie Mellon University(CMU) College of Engineering’s surveyed 1000 people and found a big difference between how young and old would use …

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Intensive Driving Courses

Intensive Driving lessons – What’s the deal?

Intensive Driving Lessons All you could hope to know about intensive driving lessons in an interesting and useful article, including; What are intensive driving lessons? Why are intensive driving lessons so popular? Would intensive driving lessons suit my personality? Where do I find intensive driving lessons? What do I need to start? What Are Intensive Driving Lessons? Intensive driving lessons …

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