LPL is a Driving Lessons website. There are several websites which LPL links to for relevant, useful industry information.

We also run our own "affiliate scheme" or "referral scheme" through the Ambassadors section of the website, if you are a learner driver you and your friends can benefit from £5 each when both of you request a call back through LPL. You can read more about it in the Press section where there is an Article about the Affiliate / Ambassador Scheme

Best Practices

LPL believes in following best practices

in all industries in which we are stake holders. These are driving lessons (tuition, eduction, courses, schools and instructors), development (of web technology [the website(s), the apps]), safety (online, privacy and driver / road safety).

Low Price Lessons has a firm commitment to freely providing information to learner drivers and none of the following affiliates have had to compete to be linked from the LPL site.

Therefore LPL is happy to take new suggestions for this page and encourages you to use the links listed above so far to find the relevant parts of the website for you, such as Press, Road Safety, Driving Lessons and so on. ADIs should visit the Driving Instructors area to become a member, start building local reputation and receiving pupil leads for your business.

We also provide information on local Driving Test Centres throughout the UK, with stats on pass rates and road safety in the area through the Driving Test Centres page.

Websites we like

Low Price Lessons

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Find out more about us.

Low Price Lessons is a driving lessons website, read more here on LPL: Driving Lessons and on Wikipedia: Driving Education.

Websites our Founders link to

The following links are recommended by the LPL Founders.

‘If you’d like to visit some related sites then this is our pick of the bunch.’Jamie and Richard Curran


The Road Safety charity called Brake.

Helpful for those learning to drive and those giving driving lessons.

“With road safety advice for children, motorcyclists and other drivers. Includes details of actual motorcycle accidents.”


The Department for Transport’s very own road safety body Think!

Helpful for those taking driving lessons and those giving driving instruction.

THINK! is the Department of Transport’s dedicated road safety website, with guidance and information for all road-users, along with the latest THINK!”

The Department for Transport / Driving Standards Agency

The official website for the Department for Transport. This is home to the DSA’s corporate website, includes links through to the DSA website.

Helpful for Driving Instructors and learner drivers.

“Get official DSA advice about learning to drive and driving tests – from choosing an instructor, to booking and taking your theory and practical driving”


A design agency that really puts the rocket fuel in your apps that we highly recommend Skyrocket Apps

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Buy and Sell Cars

If you're looking to buy a car then you should take a look at the UK's biggest car trading site Autotrader


Car insurance from a high quality provider will get you covered at a great price The AA Car Insurance. Great insurance and you should certainly look into getting the right insurance if you are providing supplimentary lessons in your family car.